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We are born into a specific culture over which we have no choice.
Over time we then learn to see and do things in a specific way.
This in turn forms, amongst other things, our values and believes which forms the basis for our unique cultural background.
Most of these processes happens subconsciously and lead us to see and do things in a certain way.
Rarely people stop to think about the impact these cultural undertones have on our behaviour and more so, how other people experience this.
Living in a country with one of the highest diversity rates, cultural awareness has become a necessity to ensure healthy and productive workplaces.

2 The aim of the program is to

Our program is designed around the unique cultural representation of each workplace and we typically include the following topics in our workshop What is cultural awareness.
How personal culture fit in with the organisations culture.
Understand the impact of cultural differences in our workplace.
How culture affect the way we communicate.
How culture affect the way we manage.
How to move from awareness to tolerance and acceptance.
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3 Learning outcomes the business can expect

A Better understanding of what the cultural barriers are that might impact performance.
A deeper understanding of cultures represented in the business.
To learn how cultural awareness can add value in customer interactions How to move from awareness to integration.

4 Audience

Our Cultural Awareness program is aimed at a management level and delivered as an interactive, 4-hour workshop. An action plan is drafted during the workshop and a culture champion elected who receives further training to support the role out of the program.
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We are ready to grow with you!

Circumstances are transformed when we think differently about them.

it all balances on trust, Trust is produced in an environment of four elements: honesty, openness, consistency and respect.